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* All audio have been recorded by and are the property of A.G. Victoria


Within the realm of Urban Studies, Soundscapes are being used to construct the identity of a place through, not only how it looks, but also how it sounds--the argument being that sounds are crucial in the formation of our experiences with place. Researchers, such as Mylène Pardoen and Marinna Guzy, also use the concept of Soundscapes to think about and re-construct the sounds of various cities at particular historical moments, such as 18th century Paris or 19th century Savannah, Georgia. Throughout my research, I continue to collect soundscapes of everyday life near infrastructure. I do this with the purpose of adding to the database of the sounds of place so that future researchers can easily recall what everyday life sounded like at various locations. When listening to these files, I find that it is best to close your eyes and allow the sounds to create the mental image of a place.

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