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Ruins of Infrastructure Collection:

Trailero Iconography Collection:

Trailer Trucks and buses are a constant on the Inter-American Highway and the conductores that captain them practically live on the highway. As they spend their days on the road, it is only natural that their vehicles represent a source of personal expression. This series is a collection of the various personalized designed that I have encountered while traveling the Inter-American.

Material History of Transit Infrastructure:

Like the tides of the oceans, things wash up on the side of the road. We often walk past these items and throw them into a generalized category of trash or litter. Close attention to the things that pile up on the side of the road, however, can help us to tell the story of the history of transit infrastructure and mobility. In the community of Paso Canoas, for example, discarded fruit skins are indicators of various growing seasons; such as the arrival and gradual collection of Mamon Chino shells starting in mid-June.  This series is a collection of the things that wash up along the sides of the road. Among others, they tell stories of lives in transit, the growth of transnational shipping, and the effects of infrastructure on nearby livelihoods.


Lives in Transit Collection:

The Lives in Transit series of photographs is directly influenced by Alejandro Cartagena's work on "Carpoolers" in Mexico. For Cartagena, he aspired to capture the rigorous commutes that daily laborers in Mexico are willing to endure to secure income. Furthermore, his photos capture the organization of mundane things that commuters haul to and from work. This thoughtful work provides researchers with a glimpse into the often overlooked components of everyday working lives. In the Lives in Transit collection, my intention is to expand upon Cartagena's concept by capturing--although not nearly with the artistic detail of Cartagena-- forms of transportation as they are packed with items for the day's work near the Inter-American Highway. 

Street Art throughout Central America:

Texture Photos:

Other Photographs:

Costa Rica: 




El Salvador: 


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