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Paso Canoas, Panama/Costa Rica

September 06, 2017

A Eulogy for
My Chucks:

You assisted me as I climbed mountains and volcanoes. You helped me to rediscover ancient railroads, Pre-Colombian footpaths, and Spanish royal roads. You guided me from one end of Ireland to the other. From the Panama Canal to the proposed Gran Canal of Nicaragua. You carried me into and out of gyms in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Ireland—to resuscitate pieces of myself that I thought had died long ago. I gave you everything that I had and you were valiant in your service. Threads torn, soles worn, sides split. What remains is a testament of our journey together, but I must say goodbye. My travels will take me back to my current home in Florida, but I am sorry to say that your journey as my guide ends here in Paso Canoas. I leave you where I found you old friends.  

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